The Schwalbe Racing Ralph has been among the very popular XC mountain bike tires for at least the previous ten decades. Due to its popularity and functionality, I even think about that the Racing Ralph to be the “gold standard” MTB tire. Significant news came a few months ago when Schwalbe retired their nimble PaceStar, TrailStar, along with VertStar chemicals and substituted these with four fresh color-coded chemicals: Addix Rate (reddish), Addix SpeedGrip (blue), Addix Soft (orange), and Addix Ultra Soft (purple).

The brand new Racing Ralph only Includes the Addix Rate and Addix SpeedGrip chemicals so I will concentrate on those for now. The Addix Soft and Ultra Soft chemicals are intended for road and downhill tires and will be addressed in a different review. I will outline the largest differences between the old and new compounds below.

After analyzing the majority of the new tires, the fluctuations appear to be restricted to the chemicals only. The casing and tread patterns are all unchanged. Schwalbe did have the chance to improve the amount of available dimensions in 27.5 and 29 inches at the cost of 26 inches. It appears like 26 inches will probably be axed soon as the available sizes in 26 inch are decreased dramatically.

Addix Rate (Red). This is currently the quickest compound accessible from Schwalbe. In comparison to the older PaceStar compound, Schwalbe maintains rolling resistance was decreased by 10 percent. The notable part of this Addix Speed chemical is that although Schwalbe maintains a decrease rolling resistance, traction ( 15 percent), durability ( 25 percent), and damping ( 5 percent) have all improved also. The Racing Ralph can be obtained with all the Addix Speed chemical using a LiteSkin or SnakeSkin (TL-Easy) casing.

Addix SpeedGrip (gloomy). The SpeedGrip chemical appears to fit in between the aged PaceStar and TrailStar chemicals. When compared to this PaceStar compound, Schwalbe asserts that rolling resistance is a bit worse (-6 percent) while traction ( 35 percent), durability ( 62%), and damping ( 35 percent) have all increased dramatically. Be mindful that the Racing Ralph is only accessible with all the SpeedGrip chemical on a SnakeSkin (TL-Easy) casing. In the minute a LiteSkin variant with SpeedGrip compound is not offered.

This is an overview of this LiteSkin 29×2.25 variant with Addix Speed chemical that’s the quickest and lightest racing Ralph accessible from Schwalbe. I have also tested another variants of this new Racing Ralphs. You can find a overview of this TL-Easy Addix Speed here and also a review of this TL-Easy using Addix SpeedGrip here. You might even compare these 3 new tipped Ralphs side by side on the comparison part of the site here.

For the time being, the LiteSkin using Addix Speed is just available from the 29×2.10 and 29×2.25 sizes. Schwalbe claims that this scooter to be 10% faster than the elderly Racing Ralph using PaceStar compound. We have analyzed this particular tire on our rolling resistance machine so keep reading to discover whether Schwalbe’s claims are authentic… Just check up on Bikespumps if you need more details on bike pump near me.

All rolling resistance evaluations are conducted on our rolling resistance test system. Read our The Evaluation page for a detailed explanation about how we examine tires.

Do not forget to have a look at the review pages to make it simpler to compare all of tires which were examined.

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Weight. The specified weight of this Racing Ralph LiteSkin at the 29×2.25 size is 560 g; our sample is somewhat heavier at 587 g. 587 g seems to be adequate since it is within 5 percent of the designated weight.

Size. On a 17C rim, in an air pressure of 35 psi / 2.4 pubs, the highest diameter of this casing is 54 mm. The border knobs stick out somewhat further making the entire tire width 55 mm. The highest elevation of this scooter is 52 mm. Both these dimensions are fairly great to get a 29×2.25 rated tire on a 17C rim.

Knob Height. The centre knobs of this Racing Ralph possess a height of 2.5 mm. The border knobs are quite a bit larger and have a height of 4.2 mm.

Tire Thickness. The maximum depth of the scooter in the middle of this tread is 1.5 mm. The sidewalls are about as slim as they may be at 0.50 mm. These two dimensions are very similar to other tires optimized to the lowest possible weight and rolling resistance.

Auch! Contrary to Schwalbe’s promise of a 10% lower rolling resistance, rolling resistance has become when compared to the elderly Racing Ralph using PaceStar chemical (read review) which I have analyzed back in 2014. In the high air pressure of 55 psi / 3.8 pubs, rolling resistance has increased from 19.1 g to 21.2 watts. In the very low air pressure of 25 psi / 1.7 pubs, rolling resistance has gone up from 23.9 g to 25.0 watts.

It’s possible to compare the aged PaceStar Racing Ralph using the newest Addix Speed Running Ralph on our comparison segment here.

This test sets me in a tricky position like I always advocated the Schwalbe MTB tires that the most. It resembles Schwalbe has gone backward at the rolling immunity department, advocating tires will become more challenging as the other manufacturers really come somewhat closer today. I am also disappointed with Schwalbe as they are attempting to sell a product promised to be 10% quicker nonetheless it is really slower than their old product.

From the puncture evaluations, the Addix Speed edition of the Racing Ralph comes in 1 stage of this PaceStar version. When compared with another MTB tires, the Racing Ralph Addix Rate performs equally to other tires which are created to be as light as quickly as you can.

When we first heard about the brand new Addix Speed chemical, it made us quite excited about shaving off another 10 percent of rolling resistance and raising grip in precisely the exact same time is something we actually like. Unfortunately, our tests show that rolling resistance of this new Addix Speed chemical is really WORSE than the elderly PaceStar compound. Since it seems Schwalbe did not tell the facts regarding the rolling resistance of this new Addix Speed chemical, we wonder their promises of greater durability and grip too.

For the time being, we recommend just buying the old Schwalbe MTB tires using PaceStar chemical as they’ve proven themselves over recent years. As a bonus, you will have the ability to have the elderly PaceStar tires at a discount right now. If you prefer to try new things, the new Schwalbe tires continue to be worth a try because they still function better than many competing brands within our evaluations. If you have tried these new Addix tires, then don’t hesitate to leave a comment as we are curious about your view too.

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